How society has been dismissing period pain.

I thought my periods were a nightmare until my friend narrated her period story to me! I was having a brain-fart when I first sat down to write this article because my indecisive ass could not fixate on one story to share. Exasperated, I texted my friends and asked them if they had any periodContinue reading “How society has been dismissing period pain.”

Period Blood is not Bad Blood. 4 ways to use your period blood.

You can’t touch a jar of pickles. You cannot take a head bath. You must not partake in any religious activity. Heard these and more of the same kind? These are a few of the many taboos associated with menstruation. Even in this year 2020, different communities, around the world, observe different menstrual beliefs. ThereContinue reading “Period Blood is not Bad Blood. 4 ways to use your period blood.”


“Buy this thing to clean a thing that cleans itself!” Wax it. Construct it. Spray it. Tidy it. And now, brush it! Why? All in the name of maintaining “feminine hygiene” down there. Experts from all around the world have warned us repeatedly that it’s not healthy for our vaginas to welcome “foreign bodies” whichContinue reading “BLOSSOM BRUSH: A PATRIARCHAL HOAX.”


Have you ever wondered about the amount of money you spend on period products? A menstruating person buys them a dozen times a year for about 40 years of their life. Doing simple calculus here would lead us to an exorbitant amount that is still highly unaffordable for a major part of our country’s population.Continue reading “TAMPON TAX AND PERIOD POVERTY.”


As my classmates and I debated about the stipulation of menstrual leave, we soon realized that we were speaking from a position of privilege. In a country where people do not have adequate access to water and sanitation, menstrual leave seemed like a quixotic dream which would benefit only a tiny fraction of the population.Continue reading “INDIA NEEDS TO CHANGE, PERIOD.”


Menstruation is an unavoidable monthly occurrence we all get complimentary with our vaginas and yes, it sucks big time! From dealing with the constant discomfort festered by the bloody leakage to obsessively worrying about staining our pants especially in public – our periods tend to take a toll on us. Adding to our glorious miseryContinue reading “HOW TO DEAL WITH MENSTRUAL CRAMPS: A PERSONAL GUIDE”


The global SARS COVID-19 epidemic is affecting the health of many humans around the world. The disease has forced people to rethink their decision-making process and adapt it around the novel norms of the ‘new normal’. While most households are stocking up on various goods, people who menstruate have a separate set of concerns thatContinue reading “CORONAVIRUS AND PERIODS: A GUIDE.”

What is a Menstrual Migraine and how to deal with it?

Eight months after giving birth to her first born, Sneha, a young mother, started experiencing difficult period cycles. Earlier, before getting pregnant, she had a smooth cycle, so when her periods started getting difficult, she thought it was the after effects of child birth. It was only after her son turned one, that she reallyContinue reading “What is a Menstrual Migraine and how to deal with it?”