The myths surrounding menstruation are bizarre and uncountable. In Israel, you get slapped on your face when you get your first period, so you’ll have “beautiful” red cheeks all your life. Ouch! Malaysians believe you must wash your pads before you throw them out or you’ll be haunted by ghosts (boo!) and the Filipinos are of the opinion that when you get your first period you need to wash your face with the first menstrual blood to have clear skin. On the other hand, the Americans think that if you go camping when on your period, you’re likely to catch the attention of bears!

While these strange beliefs are hilarious, we found ONE myth that needed serious rethinking. So after major research (and eye-rolling) we are laying down this spotlight feature wherein we debunk one of the most widespread menstruation misconceptions: Your periods stop when you get into the water.

TRUTH: Women all over the world have been perplexed by what happens when you have your period and get in the water. This myth is common to India, Italy, and Argentina where menstruators are chastised for washing their hair during periods to taking a hot bath or going for a swim in the pool to being chased by sharks if swimming in an ocean. The list is absurdly endless.

To be sure, no sharks will smell your period blood and mistake you for their meal. And as far as the subject of one’s period stopping when one’s in water is concerned, that also is mere gibberish and while the pressure of the water may make your blood stay inside of your uterus, it doesn’t stop the flow completely. As soon as you get out of the bathtub or swimming pool your period will continue as usual.

It is safe to bath and to swim while menstruating and while gravity does our vaginas a big favor by not pulling menstrual blood out of our vaginas while we’re in the tub or pool, it’s possible that this myth started before feminine hygiene products were invented or became popular to use. Any bodily fluids can contaminate a swimming pool or bathtub, not just menstrual blood, and thus skipping on your tampons is not really a fair choice to make. Using tampons or menstrual cups is safe and sanitary for bathing and swimming.

Furthermore, there is no reason not to have a hot bath or hair wash during your period. Most likely, a relaxing bubble bath will leave you feeling more cleaner which in turn will improve your mood and help you cope with menstruation symptoms a little better. In fact, having a hot water shower eases the cramps and makes one feel more at ease and relaxing.

|| By Amvi Mishra ||


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