“Buy this thing to clean a thing that cleans itself!”

Wax it. Construct it. Spray it. Tidy it. And now, brush it!

Why? All in the name of maintaining “feminine hygiene” down there.

Experts from all around the world have warned us repeatedly that it’s not healthy for our vaginas to welcome “foreign bodies” which pose a threat to the vagina’s wellbeing – like making it vulnerable to STI’s and increasing the chances of fertility issues among others.

But a few weeks ago, the launch of Blossom Brush, “designed for a woman to use daily during her menstrual cycle and up to three days after to remove residual blood and debris,” took the netizens by storm.

This questionable product is a testament of our longstanding war against misogyny where some people find it necessary to make bizarre and unnecessary products to uphold the idea of keeping our vaginas smelling ‘fruity’ and ‘floral’ as it very clearly states that one would feel ‘fresh‘ after using it to clean the period residuals. Therefore, the brush is being slammed as a product that adds to the hygiene shame attached to being on your period.

The more chauvinistic irony here is that the Blossom Brush offers to clean something that is very capable of cleaning itself! In case you were not aware, a vagina cleans itself by making use of its own vaginal secretions. And there is nothing to be worried about when it comes to your lady bits’ very natural and normal scent.

Jennifer Gunter, a US-based OB/GYN and author of The Vagina Bible, had taken to Twitter to share her views on the harmful vaginal douching and the tomfoolery of aromatic products for female genitalia. Her tweet read: “Every day it seems as if someone comes up with a new and thoroughly unnecessary, yet harmful vaginal cleaning product marketed as empowerment.

Image source: Daily Mail

Following a heavy backlash after Dr. Gunther’s tweet, Blossom Blush released a statement. It said:

“The product has been found safe to use among the women who have tried it, and we have had an overwhelmingly positive response among the women who have already used it. The benefits have included less usage of tampons and a reduction in the number of days a woman required feminine hygiene products.”

“We do not believe that ANY PERSON has a ‘dirty’ vagina and we wish to work with the gynecological community and people who have periods to understand how to appropriately provide women with a new choice in their menstrual management.”

Dr. Gunther also reported that one of their founders was an OB/GYN itself and since then it seems that the company has taken down all of their social media posts.

To a world where women are still considered “sullied” for being on their period and wanting their vaginas to smell like roses and geraniums, I would say, first let’s create a brush that can comb out patriarchy.

|| By Amvi Mishra ||

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