Almost every friend circle has that one self-proclaimed sex expert! A crooked advice offered by most of them is that ‘unprotected sex on your periods won’t get you pregnant.’ Unfortunately, comprehensive sex education is a far fetched dream so relying on that friend might seem like your only option. But don’t worry, paddling has come to your rescue!

The belief that one cannot get pregnant from having unprotected sex on their period is nothing but a very popular and highly dangerous myth. Although the chances are minimal, they are not zero. Yes, it is a proven fact that one cannot conceive whilst on their period.

But sperms are determined to perform their task of impregnation! They can live in the female reproductive tract for up to ten days after intercourse. This especially puts the menstruators with shorter or irregular menstrual cycles at a risk.

Menstruation is a very complex phenomenon. It is imperative to understand that menstrual cycles vary from person to person and fertility windows (the day an egg is released and 5 days beforehand)  vary from cycle to cycle. If you have short cycles then there is a good chance that your fertility window will overlap with your periods. This puts you at a higher risk of getting pregnant even if you have unprotected sex on your period. If your cycles are longer that still does not mean you can take a gamble! All experts would say that your past cycles aren’t a reliable predictor of your future cycles.


Don’t get me wrong, having period sex can be fun and it may relieve you of your cramps. But make sure not to louse up by not using protection. Periods may be painful, but they give you solace every month when you know you’re not going to be doing the baby mama dance any time soon! You would also want to keep the STDs at bay, so always use a condom and play it safe!

|| By Ipshita Gogoi ||

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