Menstruation is an unavoidable monthly occurrence we all get complimentary with our vaginas and yes, it sucks big time! From dealing with the constant discomfort festered by the bloody leakage to obsessively worrying about staining our pants especially in public – our periods tend to take a toll on us. Adding to our glorious misery are the most diabolical of them all – the cramps which cling to our uterus as a constant reminder of our period. 

As a person who deals with severe menstrual cramps every month, I am going to share some tricks with you that I picked up along the way to keep my mind off the cramps. Remember, it can only linger in your mind as long as you keep thinking about it!


Do you crave a scrumptious meal during your periods? Of course, you do!  Although most of these cravings are reserved for junk foods, you can ditch them and instead cook yourself a delicious healthy meal. Moreover, junk foods can increase your cramps so it is better to avoid them altogether. It can be something as simple as a peanut butter sandwich or you can get creative too! As long as your mind is focussed on the cooking instead of the cramps, you’re good to go. Put on your aprons and bring out the MasterChef in you!


For all the lazybones out there, a little work can keep your mind off those monstrous cramps. Cleaning your immediate environment and tidying things up can help in dealing with the discomfort while menstruating. Neat and clean surroundings are also known to reduce anxiety and stress levels, keeping your mind relaxed. So, channel your inner Monica and get to work!


Whether you do it physically or virtually that’s totally up to you! Pick up your smartphones and put them to good use in case you do not want to step out of your home. Face-time your buddy, text your crush or stalk your ex on Instagram, the choice is yours. I assure you that it definitely helps. Engaging in any form of conversation diverts your attention, so call your friend over and catch up on the latest gossips. There is no way that your cramps are more intense than those scandals!


Watch a comedy movie, your favourite YouTuber, or Netflix and chill to keep yourself engaged. The internet is at your service to keep you entertained at any point in the day. It will take your mind off of those menacing cramps and can be surprisingly therapeutic! My personal favourites are the hilarious David Dobrik’s vlogs!

  1. TAKE A NAP.

Saving the best for the last, no better way to deal with period cramps than to avoid feeling them altogether. Sleeping through your cramps will also provide your body with some much-needed rest. Also, we all love to take naps, don’t we? I would suggest you take a nice hot shower, put on your coziest pyjamas and put yourself to sleep while hugging a fluffy pillow. It’s time for some beauty sleep!

|| By Ipshita Gogoi ||

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