From the instance of getting the first period to the very last one, there’s always been a multitude of issues related to the workings of menstrual cycles that tend to become a bone of contention for the ones who bleed.

Some of us get through our monthly menstrual cycles almost like clockwork. They come knocking on our doors right on time or nearly on time as the past month, causing no or little hiccups in our daily life!

However, there is an equal number of us who might not experience such a smooth and tension free periodic cycle. Some of us are hosts to an array of emotional and physical upheavals ranging from incorrigible and awkward mood swings to cramps to heavy periods. 

And naturally, these upheavals can become a matter of concern for us and our periods might start to feel overwhelming. But we need to keep in mind that most menstrual cycle problems have uncomplicated explanations to them.


Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) can be understood as a condition that affects a person’s physical and mental well-being during certain days of their menstrual cycle usually before their menses begin.

It can be characterized by experiencing acute mood swings, unabated anxiety or irritability, relentless food cravings, physical pain including headache, stomach-ache and cramps.

PMS is a very common menstrual disorder and if statistics are to be believed, then, almost 90 percent of the people menstruating, regardless of their age or gender, are affected by its symptoms. This early onset of agony usually begins 11 days or so prior to the day of menstruation and thus, it is pivotal for us to be apprised of ways to combat the effects of this often disturbing syndrome.


We can’t fully cure PMS. Nevertheless, we can take essential steps to ease the pain away. Mild or moderate premenstrual syndrome can be treated with following a healthy lifestyle which includes regular exercise that keeps us active and kicking, a nutritious diet filled with loads of greens and fibres to enhance our overall health, drinking plenty of fluids to ease abdominal bloating, getting an adequate amount of rest to keep the fatigue at bay, reducing stress by engaging ourselves in activities that soothe our soul like indulging in hobbies, yoga, and meditation.


As I said before there is no defined set of medication to tackle PMS and the above-mentioned remedies are just some guides to help you along the way. These remedies can be observed to save us from pooling onto too much-unwarranted stress and relive us of our PMS symptoms.

|| By Amvi Mishra ||

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