Being a sloth and hogging on your comfort food, while those cramps churn inside your uterus! Well, that is how a lot of us (privileged) deal with the inevitable torment that comes with periods. Most of us experience cramps in varying intensities and different durations. Some might even pop that pill to kill the pain. I am guilty of this too, until two years ago when I discovered that exercising can help you deal with those monstrous cramps!

Of course, you must have heard of the common myth that exercising while on one’s period is not safe. Menstruating people are usually discouraged from sports and exercise. However, this claim is fallacious and misinforming. A research conducted in St Mary’s University which analysed the responses of 14,000 women from across the world, found that exercising on one’s period reduced the painful symptoms that come along with it; provided that a person also exercises as a part of their daily routine.

How exactly is exercising on your period going to help you?

  • Exercising has been found to provide relief from cramps. Exercising releases endorphins, these endorphins act as natural painkillers. Hence, engaging in medium intensity workouts during one’s period can help tackle the cramps. If you are unfortunate enough to also experience fatigue, headache and back pain, the same workouts can be your saviour!
  • Exercising is also a great way to deal with that rollercoaster of emotions you might experience. Yes, the mood swings! The endorphins released tend to make a person feel better and often happy.

You should carefully note that exercising only during your period might not be helpful. You should exercise daily to eliminate the risk of physically straining your body due to exercising on your periods.

Exercising while menstruating is not only safe, but also works as an antidote for your period agonies!


|| By Shruti Menon ||

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