Period myth - Only women menstruate

Biology transcends the social or cultural construct of gender-binarism. Therefore, saying that periods is just a ‘women thing’ is a flawed concept. Not all women get their periods, and not every person who gets their periods is a woman. Looking beyond the gender-ism here, menstruation can happen to trans-men, intersex and gender non-binary individuals as well.

Why is it important to change the dialogue?

Society’s preconceived notion of women being the ‘sole menstruators’ is implanted into our minds. Consequently, for instance, a menstruating trans person might experience something known as gender dysphoria. In an interview with NBC news, Kenny Jones, a transgender model and activist shared his experience,

“I felt isolated; everything about periods was tailored to girls, yet me, a boy, was experiencing this and nothing in the world documented that.”

Adding to their dilemma, are the menstrual products specifically designed for the mainstream women, invoking feelings of isolation.

Menstrual products are designed only for women and does not include other genders.

The flawed concept when absorbed by health care, marginalizes and stigmatizes the menstruating queer.

Inaccessibility and denial to menstrual and reproductive products, healthcare services and safety concerns are some challenges that they face. Categorized as an economically vulnerable population, the cost of menstrual products bears harder on them.

A menstruating trans person who is comfortable using the men’s washroom, won’t be able to get access to the sanitary napkin/tampon dispenser set up only in the ladies washroom. That’s something to think about, isn’t it?

As we witness a progressive movement to ‘Break the taboo,’ menstrual inclusivity is an inevitable extension to it.

| By Priyanka Gulati |

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