Period Stories

I am a 45-year-old woman, unfortunately, my experience with periods has not been a pleasant one. At the age of 14, my battle with menstruation started. Being anemic, my hemoglobin levels were always very low. This means that once I started bleeding during my periods there was no putting a stop to it. My vagina used to bleed ‘clots’ or in layman’s terms ‘big pieces of blood.’
At that time, we didn’t have the efficient service of sanitary napkins as we have today. With my heavy bleeding, the cloth pads used to fill up within half an hour! Sometimes, I used to wear 3-4 cloth pads at once! This made it difficult for me to step out of the house and I felt lethargic all the time. One such bad experience was during my brother’s wedding, with stress and exertion at it’s peak, my blood flow was worse than ever. When we reached the venue for the wedding, my elegantly draped saree got soaked in blood! I had to rush to my aunt’s place to clean myself up and grab a change of clothes.
I used to dread the beginning of a new cycle every month. Courses of medications and injections temporarily kept my periods under control. Until one day, at the age of 22, a doctor found a permanent solution to my problem. After that, for almost 20 years I had a seamless experience with periods.
Then again, at the age of 40, I started having some problems. My periods used to come after long gaps, but when they did, the flow was uncontrollable. I went to a gynecologist and she told me that I had a ‘polyp’ in my uterus, which explained the issue. The polyp was removed through a short surgery and a ‘Mirena’ (loop coated with medicine) was inserted in my uterus. This put an end to my journey with menstruation, you could say that I artificially attained menopause!
I have a message for all the young people,
“Do not take your bodies for granted.”
One of the reasons for my problematic periods was hormonal imbalance induced by stress. Treat yourself and your bodies like a baby. Eat healthy, exercise, manage your stress and do not ignore your health.

| By Priyanka Gulati |

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